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History :

For centuries, master cabinetmakers, sculptors, decorators, who once were under the authority of kings and lords, worked passionately for the excellence of their work. Turned over to large schools like André Charles BOULLE, all goods and values were saved and preserved.

During the Renaissance, the emergence of talents as were Leonardo De Vinci and Michel-Ange, who left their artistic mark in Fontainebleau, Chambord and part of the Louvre, opened the path to creativity, usability and expression in all its forms.


Philanthropist and esthete, thanks to Louis XIV that culture, spirit and art in France knew a development which radiated and still radiates over the world. Great builder, he was interested in the work of the Louvre, Les Invalides, Versailles and the Place Vendome. He wants to encarnate the majesty of values, unity, originality, distinction and invention. Charles le BRUN, Large painter and decorator, realized the Hall of Mirrors at the Louvre and Versailles Gallery of ice, impregnating it and blowing his talent, his thoughts and his heart, the values of elegance, comfort, harmony, feelings and emotions..

Values :

Trained at the BOULLE schools at Paris for art cabinetmaker, the Founder of www.mobilier-decoration.com at that time will discover a passionate world. He self learned his jobat the age of 15 where he then first manifactures furnitures, afterwards at school where he designed models. Through that Grand School, the oportunity to blossom in a familial environement where teachers inculcate respect for the values that make the cabinet: craftsmanship and quality, technical and aesthetic concerns. He wants to share this knowledge with people, who increasingly, looking for a quality manufacturing : the furniture must continue, it's back to safe values. His goal is to set this culture, these concepts at the service of creation and to put himself in the place the user in order to awaken the deep meanings of its values.


Passionate and rigorous, he wants to bring well-being and pleasure in the interior to awaken emotions. He learned to connect various elements together, to build such a connexion to the worlds. This boundary is very important, this passage between the subject-matter and purpose-idea. The plastic and aesthetics become the means by which he seeks to move from lifeless matter to the form that makes sense. He justified the existence of objects in an expression between meaning and concept and between form and appearance. Material kinds, shapes and color are then used, and it is because all these are shared within that they work.


So everything revolves around the dimensions of the furniture and objects; utility and statutory, technical and aesthetic, functional and symbolic.


In that manner, all furnitures culture has been well bequeathed. It was then afterall to put all his talent to work to everyone, and that is how www.mobilier-decoration.com was born.

The quality :

We present you quality, safe, practical, functional and aesthetic products. 

The furniture, accessories and decorations meet the safety standards and embody values of comfort, ergonomics and usability. We do not only want to sell products, we want to allow everyone to be able to immerse themselves in the joy and good humor through a creative and harmonious communion.

It is very important to feel good home, which is why all our products are designed not only for use but to be glazed at.


Effective monitoring is in place: first of the selection of the materials, second of all manufacturing in the workshops and then finally polishing accomplished by art professionals.

These different jobs have three major aims: ofcource the aesthetics, but also the comfort and the best wear resistance.

This precised control is used to achieve and guarantee an exceptional quality.


Achieving the furniture go through different workshops all talented in their domain:




- Wood selection :


The manufacturing of rustic furniture, of styles, and prints, are always a collective work of little hands to valuable expertise. A good selection of wood is the basis of all products.

The species such as cherry, oak, chestnut, ash, mahogany, walnut, beech, basswood or acacia are carefully selected in the finest wood type and all materials are fashioned with great care.




- Manufacturing in French workshops :


After the selection of the wood, the various furniture elements are drawn on the pieces of woods, then undergo each steps according to their shapes and locations on the final product: scrolling, planing, beading, routing, sculpture or inlay, before being assembled




- Polishing is made by talented qualified people :


Raw furniture then joins polishing workshops where depending on the case will be, aged, stained, waxed, lacquered, gilded, covered in marble or bronze ornaments, with bone glues, lacquers, polished and wax, made from raw materials of high quality and the gilding is entirely made of copper foil or gold.




- For seating, there is the talent of upholsterers:


To achieve this, we use genuine techniques and high quality materials, jute webbing woven crisscross, quilted trim the hair on coil springs and to dress them up, we have a choice of over 450 fabrics that we recommend for their wear and dirt resistance.


Ethics :

www.mobilier-decoration.com offers a unique selection of furniture, accessories and decorations representing the requirement and the company's values: safety, functionality and aesthetics. Our mission is to allow everyone to be able to purchase authentic works of art and so find the taste of traditionvous propose .


Through a mixture of styles, we wish to Revive imagination and enhance the vitality by allowing everyone to immerse themselves in a more harmonious world. We want to create that bridge between dream and reality, this furniture and decoration alliance through creative world to feel like home.

Furniture and object meet all our requirements and embody values of comfort, ergonomics and conviviality.


Through traditional methods, we want to serve the greatest number, our expertise and knowledge provided by the great old master cabinetmakers. Our duty is to offer furniture and decorations objects of great qualities, made with respect of the values and ethics, to the delight of lovers of furniture and exceptional items.




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